Summer Watch 2017

Summer Watch 2017

Now that we are at the edge of summer it is time to treat your wrist to something really cool. Question is; what? Well if you want something better than a Tudor and not as pricy as a Panerai but still want something special… Only two come to mind; Angelo del Mares’s “Royal Yacht” and Andersmann’s “Deep Ocean”.

As I have stated in my previous reviews both are exceptional pieces at the price. From the case construction and finishings both can go head-to-head with watches three times their price and still come out victorious. The both carry ETA movements witch are a guarantee for sturdy quality which is what you want inside a rugged sports watch anyway.

So I will stop answering questions for a summer watch right now and divert inquiries to this short recommendation. If you are not a “brand fool” and don’t want to spend 5k or more on you summer watch look no further, you found the two best possible choices.



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