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Month: October 2017

5 on 5, Interview with Hurley Haywood, Porsche’s wunderkind

Hurley what an honor thanks for the interview, being one of the most successful endurance drivers of all time, an accomplished man, Vietnam war veteran. James Bond has nothing on you… how does it feel to look back on all those great moments? Well, I think I am the luckiest person alive because my entire career other than when I hurt my leg and I drove for Jaguar for two years my entire career has been with Porsche and with Porsche you are almost guaranteed having a car that is capable of winning these major racers, you know, I...

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t·a·c·t·i·c·o “TC2 vs. TC2 Expedition”

My favorite t·a·c·t·i·c·o is hands down the TC2 series. Few watches give you the vintage look with a modern manufacturing feel. The TC2 was the first of the line and early this year the TC2-Expedition came along. Both based on the same case and bezel yet both very different look. As always with t·a·c·t·i·c·o/CREPAS the finishings, both TC2s are well beyond a watch of this price range. The dials are simple but very well executed. The TC2 Expedition feature above is on an Erika’s Originals NATO strap. Beyond comfortable! The lumen on both boasts a lot of performance. Much stronger and...

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Hublot “Classic Fusion Fuente”

Hublot pays tribute to the unmatched artisanal work of the cigar maker Arturo Fuente with a limited edition of the emblematic Classic Fusion model. “This new creation is a tribute to the workmanship, a celebration of human spirit, to the precision and finesse necessary to produce excellent cigars and watchmaking. In this aspect, we feel very close to the Fuente family.” – Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot It required passion, self-sacrifice and the desire to achieve perfection in order to push Fuente cigars to the pinnacle of world tobacco production. Since its creation in Cuba in 1912, the “Tabacalera Arturo...

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In Memoriam HR Giger

When biomechanoid creatures land on Planet Agonium Daniel Strom is passionate about a lot of things. Motorbikes, fine engineering, myths and legends… as well as art, painting and sculpture. He is particularly sensitive to works by HR Giger, whom we have to thank for the space creature in the rst Alien movie by Ridley Scott in 1979, and for which the Swiss artist won an Oscar in 1980 in the “Best Visual E ects” category. Years after this legendary movie was launched, a client and fan of the world of Agonium, who happened to be a friend of this...

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