CronotempVs 6 by «Habring²»

Habring² is one of those places that a true watch lover reaches at the conclusion of the journey. Habring² is for those that have reached a point in their passion for watches when one searches for something unique, special and not grossly overpriced. As most of us progress in out taste in watches we also tend to search for the unique, for that special piece that identifies with you like no other. The flexibility to choose «a la carte» from a catalogue of complications makes this manufacturer «little» in resources but «big» in concept. A true reference point for knowledgeable collectors.


Meeting another Habring² is rare but having both being exactly the same is almost imposible. That alone is a reason to take Habring² into consideration.


A version of the Habring² “Springende Secunde” manual wind variant with power reserve indication and low-torque warning at six o’clock. The key is to focus on the “dead-beat seconds” complication. Differences between this and the standard model are a modified dial with a window for the power-reserve indication, a winding/low torque warning, longer seconds hand and larger 3/4 bridge on the back covering most of the movement.


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