CronotempVs 8 by D.Dornblüth & Sohn

My connection to D.Dornblüth & Sohn began in 2007. I’ve visited the manufacture in Kalbe/Milde on several occasions and I sincerely appreciate the special attributes of this highly regarded independent watchmaker.

CronotempVs 8 by D.Dornblüth Sohn

As a passionate collector and enthusiast of the brand I had enjoyed Dirk Dornblüth’s willingness to collaborate on bespoke iterations of his standard offerings, but always within certain boundaries.  When in 2013 I happened upon a well-made concept video produced by the then unknown to me CronotempVs, I was incredulous.  The video depicted a 42mm Dornblüth 99.x with features I had never seen before (or even imagined) from the manufacture.  I immediately wrote to my friend Dirk to ask about it and I was elated when he confirmed its veracity!  I was excited to see that Dirk would be willing to creatively expand so far, and I knew I had to participate.

CronotempVs 8 by D.Dornblüth Sohn

The CronotempVs 8 by D.Dornblüth & Sohn concept was both familiar and dramatically different.

I recognized the overall traditional, marine chronometer-based aesthetic, the oversized eccentric seconds sub-dial and the power reserve indicator driven by Dornblüth’s proprietary beveled gear differential.  Novel complications included a unique day/night indicator that changes the appearance of the 12 o’clock index from red to black (at 8 o’clock, a cultural nod to the beginning of the evening in Spain where CronotempVs is based), a patented moon-phase display and corresponding moon-phase count down indicator.

Unique details on the dial included an applied numeral 8 that subtly cues the club watch designation, complementary color shading within the “railroad track” on either side of the 8 and on the power reserve indicator sub-dial, heat bronzed hour, minute and seconds hands filled with Super-LumiNova, subtly contrasting polished steel power reserve hand and very functional Super-LumiNova dots at the hour indices.  The “Made in DEUTSCHLAND” 99.2-based movement in grainy yellow gold finish with heat bronzed screws is tasteful and sublime, typical of what makes Dornblüth famous.

In November 2015 I met fellow member participants in Hamburg for an unforgettable experience to bond and accept personal delivery of the CronotempVs 8 by D.Dornblüth & Sohn from Dirk.  I’ve treasured my new watch and the relationships I’ve formed in the process of receiving it.  Kudos to CronotempVs for conceiving of and partnering so successfully to execute on what is now a true trophy within my collection!

CronotempVs 8 by D.Dornblüth Sohn

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