Habring² and CronotempVs Collectors unite to recreate a unique timepiece that rescues the Top Second, an indication from the 60’s

Habring² Endurance CronotempVs Collectors

The creative process of the “Endurance” is inspired by a feat of human resistance. When Habring² and CronotempVs Collectors got together to create the Endurance, a watch with unique characteristics, Ernest Shackleton and his arctic expedition came to mind. An expedition that turned failure in a testament of human survival. This adventure on board the Endurance that begins in 1914 and came to its end in 1917, represents even today one of the most incredible survival tales in history. There is no doubt that Shackleton and his crew could not anticipate that their story would be written in books not because of the success of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition but because of their thrive to survive.

With the Endurance, CronotempVs Collectors and Habring² pay tribute to these men and the 3 long years lost in the Antarctic. What better way to do so than to do it through an instrument that could have been part of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition. The result is a mechanical watch without compromises combining elegance and resistance to different adverse conditions. The Endurance watch has been developed with all that in mind. Taking this in mind Habring ² Endurance CronotempVs Collectors is born.

Enduring the cold

Although worn on the wrist and protected from the cold the Endurance expedition did not experience a comfortable voyage at the refuge of a warm officer’s cabin. It did not take long until the Endurance was held by the ice and less than a year later they were forced to abandon ship. From there it took Shackleton and his crew two years of adversity in the arctic to get back to civilisation. The Endurance movement is lubricated with special oils and parts that can endure temperatures of -60º celsius and below. The case is made out of polished steel with a double-domed sapphire glass and it waterproof to 100m.

Habring² Endurance CronotempVs Collectors

Top Second indication

The Top Second indication was initially introduced by Mondia Switzerland in the 60’s. In that decade it was acquired and absorbed by Zenith and the indication as well as brand disappeared. Looking back at that time what better way to reintroduce something long forgotten in a new adventure. Fitting the concept of the Endurance is a certain and quick way to check that the watch is functioning. seemingly redundant at first, in times where people’s lives dependent on chronometry (especially at sea) such visual confirmations would be essential to not only success but survival as well.

Habring² Endurance CronotempVs Collectors

Day & Night visibility

In the poles the boundaries between day and night are not always clear. Winters are lived in perpetual darkness and days never end. In a moment of extreme psychological stress a simple reference without the need to add a 24-hour hand would be more efficient and effective to solve any doubts. The Endurance features a day and night indication circular window under the 12 o’clock indice. For a perfect night and twilight vision the polished hands and the day and night indication are luminescent in the dark with Super LumiNova.

A reliable movement with a power reserve indication

As with all marine chronometers it is absolutely essential to be able to track the current power reserve levels at all times. Traditionally only the ship’s Captain was in charge of maintaining the ships chronometer would at all times. As it was a crucial part (probably the most) of navigation only the ships navigator or second officer where granted access the chronometer if required. Letting the clock stop would be a grave issue. The displaced power reserve indication has been specifically modified by Richard Habring for the Endurance.

Endurance by Habring2

Anti magnetic protection

The Habring Magnetic Shielding plays an essential role in protecting the watch from magnetism. Today we are surrounded more than ever by very strong magnets. Shielding the spiral from magnetism is essential to maintain proper timekeeping. The HMS focuses on the crucial and most vulnerable part of the watch, the spiral. This not only reduces weight, cost and thickness but also is more effective than using a traditional soft-iron shield.

Endurance by Habring2

Only 33 units of this watch and movement will ever be made. There will be no subsequent versions in any color, design or case material.

Habring² Endurance CronotempVs Collectors

Habring ² Endurance CronotempVs Collectors

Case 42mm in polished steel.
Movement mechanical manual wind
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds, Top Second, power reserve indication, day and night indication.
Dial antracite sandblasted, Super LumiNova indices
Water resistance 100m
Strap Nubuck

Closed edition of 33 units
Price 6.450 Euros  (ex. taxes)

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  1. […] Overall this is a watch that looks to be up the task of traversing the Antarctic, should you dare subject yourself to such peril. While CronotempVs are generally reserved for members of the group, this release is being offered to the public, though just 33 examples of the watch are being built for a price of 6,450 Euros. Reservations for the watch will remain open until sold through, and can be made right here. For more on this watch visit CronotempVs. […]