O.G. Colección “Deep Space”

With the O.G. Colección “Deep Space” Oliver Gallaucher proposes an original take on a personal view of a neo-vintage concept

O.G. Deep Space

Oliver Gallaugher, an independent and self-taught designer from Bristol, England, aged 32, draws inspiration from his family’s unconventional and enterprising spirit. He is deeply fascinated with watches and determined to establish his own brand and innovative ideas. To realize his vision, he embarked on a journey of discovery, immersing himself in the world of watchmaking, forging connections with manufacturers, and honing his design and presentation skills. Along the way, he generously shared his passion and knowledge with other enthusiasts and brands pursuing the same objective. Under his name, he has created a new brand called O.G, which collaborates with artisans worldwide to produce limited-edition neo-vintage and avant-garde watches with unique themes.

“O.G watches are for people who follow their intuition and vision no matter what.” – O.G

O.G. Deep Space

“I imagined animating a watch’s dial without any moving parts, creating movement through texture and tone. I saw flashes of light and dark with a scattering of stars – deep space.” – O.G

The design of the Deep Space watch has been meticulously crafted to ensure uniformity across all aspects, from the gleaming dial and bespoke movement to the bevelled buckle and handcrafted strap without stitching.

O.G. Deep Space

As the debut series from O.G, Deep Space comprises only 10 pieces and each watch is accompanied by a lifetime warranty, an exclusive preview of upcoming models, and priority access to a future O.G watch of the owner’s preference.

O.G. Deep Space


“I’m inspired by many styles of watchmaking but have always found an emotional connection with more classically designed movements – their robust and timeless construction, lasting hundreds of years; treasuries of knowledge displaying techniques forgotten or often neglected by industrial movements.

For the O.G brand, the aesthetic of the movement is just as fundamental as the front facing design of the watch.” – O.G

The inaugural O.G movement is the GUY-1, named in honor of the founder’s grandfather, Guy, who was a pioneering inventor and engineer. The GUY-1 is derived from the Swiss Unitas 6498 and has undergone refinement in Glashütte, with significant enhancements to both its visual and functional aspects. The movement boasts a remodelled mainplate and new bridges, including an independent escapement bridge, which are adorned with gold perlage, Geneva stripes, polished chamfers, and jewel countersinks. Other notable features include steel screws with mirror polishing, a swan-neck regulator, and the Glashütte ratchet-click system.

The GUY-1 also boasts a screwed balance wheel, crescent-shaped anchor bridge, side-screw mounted dial, and a decorated gear train with a diamond-bevelled centre wheel. A comprehensive list of specifications and finishing details is available on the O.G website.

A unique dial

In the interest of simplicity and elegance, the Deep Space watch displays only the hours and minutes. These are featured on a floating chapter ring located beneath the front sapphire crystal, which has been carefully printed with stars by hand to give each dial a unique and special quality. The dial’s surface is diagonally brushed and coated to reflect light like a dazzling shower of shooting stars, with shades of dark and light flashing across its surface when tilted. The logo is pad printed in gold over multiple layers to achieve a striking effect. The hour and minute hands are designed with a two-piece construction, featuring titanium and steel materials that create a distinct contrast between the 0.1mm chamfered, sandblasted bodies and tips, resulting in a sleek and modern aesthetic.

“My Father was a painter and decorator, and my Mother is an artist and writer. Growing up with their creativity continues to stimulate my mind with abstract ideas, where watches become the canvas or story.” – O.G

A neo-classical case

The Deep Space watch features a neo-classical design, with a comfortable 41mm case crafted from 316L steel. The case boasts a unique finish achieved through a combination of contrasting polished and sandblasted surfaces, which create subtle reflections that accentuate the watch’s curves. The large vintage-style crown is a standout feature, designed to provide superior winding and adjustment. Additionally, the decagonal screw-down case back offers a clear view of the proprietary GUY-1 movement, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate its intricate inner workings.

O.G. Deep Space

A handmade strap and unique buckle

Consistency and attention to detail are essential when striving for a harmonious design. That’s why the original O.G buckle draws inspiration directly from the case’s monochromatic aesthetic, featuring a matching two-tone decoration. The strap is handmade with a non-stitch design, combining ultra-sleek and durable nylon with high-quality calf leather in a space grey hue that complements the watch’s overall style.

The ten Deep Space watches are meticulously assembled in Glashütte, a historic watchmaking town in Saxony, by DK Precision Mechanics – a small team of highly skilled watchmakers and decorators renowned for producing exceptional movements and components for some of the most prestigious watch brands in the world.

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