ONLY WATCH 2021 was held on 6th November and at this occasion CHF 30 million were raised for the charity


Exceptional and unique timepieces to support research into Duchenne muscular distrophy: this is what Only Watch is about.

The vision of his founder, Luc Pettavino, former CEO of the Monaco Yacht Show, was clear from the beginning. The timepieces offered at auction should be unique and outstanding. ONLY WATCH 2021 signs a stratospheric edition in partnership with the generous donators and supporting brands.

In order to meet this challenge, they have allocated specific resources to the creation of their most exclusive pieces.

Time as a precious gift

Let’s consider the contribution by the manufacture Journe. The original idea stem in 2012 from a conversation between Francis Ford Coppola and François-Paul Journe. Since then, several steps were taken by François-Paul Journe from visualising the initial concept to developing the prototype. None of this happened overnight. The choice of crafting a case in tantalum comes as an additional challenge to crafting this masterpiece.


Needless to say that time has also played a key role in crafting the Patek Philippe complicated desk clock inspired by the historic desk clock delivered to James Ward Packard in 1923. Assembling a perpetual calendar in the form of a desk clock requires a set of skills that differs from doing the same in a wristwatch. And what should I say about the decoration of the case?

Impact of the choice of material

Another example, and I will stop here, is the Audemars Piguet. Crafting a Royal Oak may seem « obvious » for Audemars Piguet. This is without considering the choice of material for the case: titanium. Each metal comes with a set of caracteristics and properties that require a specific tooling for engineering. Multiply the specific tooling by 7 to achieve the decoration steps that are adorning each Royal Oak case.


Undeniable results

Who could refute that such a dedication should lead to remarkable results? Under the impulsion of its founder, the event has become one of the most attended horological event worldwide. For this stratospheric edition, 850 attendees were gathered to celebrate high-end watchmaking.


Watchmakers, brand representatives, watchmaking experts, members of the international press and collectors were all here to support the bidders.

At this level of bidding, you can imagine that not everyone can raise his paddle. I even heard that none of the most important watch collectors could put their hands on an ONLY WATCH special millésime watch.