Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers



Who are you? What have you done so far?

We are a collective of watch enthusiast that decided to take watch collecting a step further since 2009 and has been evolving ever since. The best way would be to ask for references about us is contacting the current brand of the project or any of the brands we have worked with in the past. This should be enough to set your mind at ease. CronotempVs has done 17 editions to date with brands such as URWERK, Ressence, Montblanc, IWC, D.Dornblüth & Sohn, Speake-Marin, Franck Muller, Angelo del Mare and twice with L.U.Chopard and Habring²…

Why is there no reference to CronotempVs Collectors on the watch?

Collectors Editions are projects meant to focus on the watchmaker/brand and owners. We strongly believe that the spotlight should be on the watch and watchmaker and never about us. Only a discrete “CC” will be found on the case or incorporated to the reference number of the piece.

Limited Edition vs. Limited Production

As with all past watches in CronotempVs Collectors, our projects are unique and carefully curated. Limited editions will be exclusive projects headed from time to time mainly with comercial brands. Projects based on a slight modification of the original watch and a very limited amount of units produced, are the formula for these collaborations.

On the other hand, “Limited Production” editions are watches exclusive to CronotempVs Collectors that will be up for order once a year while supplies last. These select time pieces are manufactured by independent watchmakers and will be available in our collection permanently (and for the time that the watchmaker allows). Our goal is to serve as a platform for independent watchmakers to reach a larger audience of collectors while being able to predict and plan their production. This concept is also meant to relieve the pressure on collectors to “buy now or loose it” forever. Therefore we only name our limited production pieces while avoid numbering them. As a collector community it is most important for us to emphasise the watchmaker and timepiece rather than promote the pressure of “must have now” ownership.

What is my guarantee coverage?

All projects done with CronotempVs Collectors are subject to the same guarantee, terms and conditions as any regular watch from the brand/manufacturer/watchmaker that makes it.

Does it make sense to be on the waiting list?

ABSOLUTELY. Even if you might not have been in time and all previous reservations have been confirmed, the current owner might change his mind before the delivery of the watch. If that is so, the next person on the waiting list will be contacted and offered to take that spot.

Can I cancel before reception of the watch and be refunded?

We do not make refunds on collaborations or projects unless there is a replacement buyer for it. However, we would gladly offer your watch to the next person in line on our waiting list and once this person agrees and makes payment you will be refunded the total amount of the reservation (minus transfer fees). You can also transfer the ownership of the watch (or resell) at any time. Just send us a note with the data of the new owner and we will change the data. Note that we are a collector community and not a jewellery store.

Can I return a watch after I receive it?

Like any store, once the watch has been received it is considered a used item and returns are not possible. Even if in perfect condition, we could not be able to claim this watch to be new. From the buyer’s perspective this would not be fair to the person that purchases the watch.

Can I use my company instead of my personal information for the final invoice?

Yes, that is no problem. Please give us the company data and the final invoice will be made to the company of your choice.

Where can I access the private Instagram account to follow the evolution of the project?

The private instagram account is @cceditions. However, only owners of the current project and previous editions will be granted access. There you will follow the evolution of manufacturing. Questions regarding the current project will be answered by the watchmaker himself or a representative of the brand.