Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Horolum

The BR 05 Horolum is inspired by the minerality of concrete and the stripping down of contemporary architecture In 2017, Bell & Ross presented the BR 03-92 Horolum. Its name is drawn from “Horo”, referring to watchmaking or time and “Lum”, meaning light. This watch reproduced the company’s iconic “circle in a square” case, with...
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Bell & Ross “Vintage Bellytanker”

The Bell & Ross “Vintage Bellytanker” is a testament to discrete elegance and style. Speed has always been a key source of inspiration for Bell & Ross. Since it was founded, the watch brand has also demonstrated a passion for the very latest technology. These factors constantly push the brand to excel and to develop...
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Bell & Ross "Vintage Bellytanker"