Sartory Billard

the LOLLIPOP by Sartory-Billard

Presenting the LOLLIPOP by Sartory-Billard What began as an April fool’s joke, to this day year ago has become a watch. Exactly one year ago, an innocent “tongue in cheek” moment the LOLLIPOP by Sartory-Billard has come to life at the request of CronotempVs Collectors. Sorry, we could not resist the temptation when we saw...
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CronotempVs CT12

Presenting the CronotempVs CT12 by Sartory-Billard In a landmark collaboration, Sartory-Billard and CronotempVs are proud to present the unparalleled excellence of the CT12 Tourbillon and the subsequent introduction of the SB06 line to the watch collector community. As fellow enthusiasts, we have embarked on this journey with eagerness, aspiring to celebrate yet another notable landmark...
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CronotempVs 12