After 20 years experience following the rules of mass luxury watchmaking, Mr. Franc Vila starts his very personal concept collection of real Fine watchmaking high horology timepieces

FVF Emotional Horology No 1 Superligero Unibody Tourbillon DAY

Mr. Franc Vila had learn the rules like a professional, now he can break them like an artist. FVF is not a watch brand, it is emotional Horology, watchmaking elevated to art for the purpose of inspiring emotions. It is an artistic concept «boutique» , designing and crafting Extreme artisanal contemporary time-pieces , hand crafted with superlative hand finishing.

For this project, Mr. Franc Vila decided to join forces with talented independent watchmakers who shares his passion and vision of horology , to reveal what great time-pieces are made of. Based on the watchmaking tradition that goes back centuries and the technological view of the 21st century they created a piece in which performance, technical, architectural, aesthetic and hand made are synergic terms to the service of arts and emotions.

FVF Emotional Horology No 1 Superligero Unibody tourbillon DAY

Fully Designed by Mr. Franc Vila to the last detail, This concept project is the archetype of his unique universe.

Ultra-light Complex Mechanism


Ultra-Rugged Tourbillon

Contemporary aesthetic Excellence in handcrafted and hand finishing

Mr. Franc Vila experience developing high resistant skeleton watches, synonymous with shock resistant, innovation, lightness and design, led him to chose for this evolution a complex movement case with a Unibody «case- baseplate».

The unit body design construction made the watch lighter and more rigid. Mr. Franc Vila chooses grade 5 Titanium for the Middle-case-skeletonised-baseplate, because it is a technological material with the required rigidity for the reliability and strong rigidity necessary for the movement to be used even, under extreme conditions.

The bridges are also crafted in grade 5 titanium. Both front and back bezels are made from sapphire crystal creating a glass-box protecting the movement.

The philosophy of the movement combines respect for longevity and precision with classical watchmaking tradition and contemporary technological in architectural design. The modern architecture of the movement avoid unnecessary complexity thanks to a rational approach and mechanical solutions. Each watch is finished to the highest standards. All finishing and decoration is by hand with inward angles, wheels and pinions are fully flat and highly polished by hand, screws are also polished by hand to achieve the highest possible level of surface polish.

FVF Emotional Horology No 1 Superligero Unibody Tourbillon DAY

FVF Emotional Horology No 1

One minute Tourbillon

Skeleton unibody movement.

Days of the week on a heptagonal display.

Day and nigth 3D indicator.

Beating at 3hz (21.600 BPH)

Power reserve 100 hours.

Total weight including croco bracelet with titanium pin buckle; 54,8 grams.

Today, with his new artistic hand crafted with superlative hand finishing watches, Mr. Franc Vila made his horological dream come true.

Price: 125,000 Chf.


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