Puro d’Oro, no more…

It is with great sadness to see that one of Davidoff‘s best, the «Puro d’Oro» has been discontinued. An fantastic tobacco with the extraordinary Davidoff quality. Hands down my favourite non-Cuban cigar.


I guess that the Puro d’Oro was caught between both worlds. A Dominican cigar marketed and made for traditional Cuban smokers. A very notable attempt at capturing new market share yet in the end it did not appeal do either audiences. Traditional Davidoff smoker found it a bit to spicy while Cuban extremists will never take non-Cuban into consideration. The «blingish» name and reference to gold did not help things either in a more traditional crowd. Very unfortunate since this was a great product. Very close to Cuban taste notes yet with the Davidoff quality that made opening the case for checking superfluous.

Over time I have learned to overcome my bias towards non-Cuban tobacco and have come to appreciate cigars according to specific situations. Not all Dominican cigars are mediocre and not all Cubans are really any good.

Puro d’Oro, you shall be missed. But in the mean time I will be stoking up on as many «Gigantes» and «Gorditos» as posible.

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