ROLEX: Explorer I «Grassy 50 Años Rolex»​

Fresh out of the box – World exclusive

Here are the first shots of a limited edition (engraved by Rolex and therefore VERY official…) of the Explorer I «Grassy 50 Años Rolex». Most already know the piece very well so here are shots of the engraving.

Just recently one of Madrid’s most emblematic jewelers, Grassy, celebrated their flagship store’s 100th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of their Rolex partnership. To commemorate this special moment a Moonphase Cellini and this Explorer I where the surprise at this event.

Always wanted an Explorer I and this is certainly the perfect occasion. Very surprised at the relative thinness of the watch. Extremely comfortable.

List Price: 6,000€


Calle Gran Vía, 1
28013 Madrid

+34 915 321 007

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