The Wolvs is an acronym for ‘The World Of Labrie Versus Sud’ and also captures a beautiful symbolism. “We can feel the match with the characteristics of the wolf”, is jokingly said by Labrie. The intense images of Sud and the confronting graffiti of Labrie take your emotions on a roller coaster ride. Sexy, defiant, vulnerable but in control might be the best way to describe the tempting art of The Wolvs.

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Art must be felt. Good art must touch you. This is certainly true for the art of The Wolvs. “I am a big fan of the London style: free, eccentric and willful”, is stated by Sud, “and with rough edges. Specifically the rawness intrigues, this is what keeps you watching.” Apart from both having their studio in ‘The Compound’ building in Rotterdam, these two artists are mostly connected by their mutual love for raw art.

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Labries graffiti has the same roughness as Suds photos. When you mix the two, they enhance each other. Labrie clarifies: “Graffiti art is spontaneous, fast and from the wrist. I let the moment guide me. What does an image do to me? What does it make me feel? I can’t anticipate that, and I don’t want to. We make associative art: born from associations and meant to evoke associations. Still Sud always has a very clear vision of what an image should look like.” “Absolutely”, Sud Confirms, “I want that every picture that I take clearly narrates my style. I can only partly influence what my pictures effectuate but I always want them to touch”.


Art Piece

The graffiti art of Marcel Labrie is captured by artist photographer Sudhir Ramman and printed on a 100 x 150 cm double epoxy covered dibond canvas. Each one of the 12 graffiti-decorated bottle decanters is accompanied by one of the four different visuals that are created.

4.130,- € (VAT excl.)


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