Presenting the CronotempVs CT12 by Sartory-Billard

In a landmark collaboration, Sartory-Billard and CronotempVs are proud to present the unparalleled excellence of the CT12 Tourbillon and the subsequent introduction of the SB06 line to the watch collector community. As fellow enthusiasts, we have embarked on this journey with eagerness, aspiring to celebrate yet another notable landmark for the club.

CronotempVs 12

The CT12 stands as a testament to the trajectory of CronotempVs as a watch collector’s club. In a constant stride for evolution, the CT12 Tourbillon has given birth to Sartory-Billard’s SB06 line. The SBTV01 caliber, developed exclusively by Comblemine for Sartory-Billard, is a unique and captivating project turned reality in the world of watches. It stands firm as a standalone flying Tourbillon, meticulously assembled and fine-tuned by a single master watchmaker—a rare dedication in an era where such craftsmanship is scarce among more commercial brands. This commitment to traditional watchmaking philosophy deserves applause in an industry where it’s increasingly overlooked.

Juxtaposed against this deep-rooted tradition is a strikingly modern design that has been ingrained in Sartory-Billard’s identity since its establishment. Embracing a philosophy centered on bespoke craftsmanship without forsaking the intangible elements of art and passion, the CT12 opens a window into superlative watchmaking while maintaining a steadfast commitment to the bespoke DNA and design language of Sartory-Billard.

SBTV01 Flying Tourbillon

When first considering a tourbillon, we delved deep into the world of movements, forging a conviction that “off-the-shelf” options or modifying existing products wouldn’t meet the true collector’s standards. This ethos birthed the caliber SBTV01— an embodiment of a true and unwavering philosophy.

Distinct from other available movements, the caliber SBTV01 developed by Comblemine embodies an exclusive Flying Tourbillon construction tailored specifically for Sartory-Billard’s timepieces. It features an almost invisible top bridge crafted from sapphire that requires skill in handling, revealing detail and giving light and depth to the movement. Together with the two arching bridges, this movement design allows for maximum visibility. Embracing the essence of true “Haute Horlogerie,” every component, even those unseen without disassembly, undergoes meticulous finishing. The inward angles of the arching bridges and tourbillon are finished by none other than Philippe Narbel, an absolute reference in high-end movement finishing.

At its core, the CT12 boasts the formidable Flying Tourbillon SBTV01 caliber with a manual winding mechanism and a 96-hour power reserve, beating at 3Hz. Enough to last for up to four days.

As is customary in “haute horlogerie” the meticulous assembly of each SBTV01 movement rests solely in the hands of a singular watchmaker—from the initial individual parts to the final regulation and testing at the workshop.

A new enclosure

At first glance, the CT12 may appear to be the same as the SB05, yet unbeknownst to most, the case of the CT12/SB06 has undergone significant modifications. The dimensions have expanded to 41mm while maintaining the thinnest possible case construction to preserve the best proportions. The lugs have been designed with smaller wrists in mind, thus adapting to the broadest range of wrists possible. As mentioned before, the case back incorporates a double-domed sapphire glass that helps project light into the movement, giving it a more raised appearance. Simultaneously, the use of front and back double-domed sapphire crystals makes the look and feel of the CT12 considerably thinner and more elegant


Crafted based on the distinctive Sartory-Billard design philosophy, the CT12 showcases an evolution from the SB05 to the SB06, respecting the brand’s design language and bespoke philosophy. The CT12 Tourbillon is the first club watch that incorporates the option for every member to choose the dial/color/material combination. It is a first and perhaps not in the spirit of a club watch, but not acknowledging this fundamental and distinctive trait of the brand would be an oversight.

CronotempVs 12

The Hands

If there is one element that makes Sartory-Billard instantly recognizable, it is unquestionably its hands. Manufactured out of two parts, one sandblasted and the other polished, they are unique in every way. The design and properties of these hands ensure legibility even in poorly lit conditions. The CT12 retains these extraordinary hands and design unchanged.

A unique box

To make the CT12 stand out, we chose none other than Bosphorus Leather to create a container that would be both elegant and provide adequate protection for the CT12. The handmade watch case is a variation from their two-watch case, turned into a single watch holding container. A great balance between luxury, protection, and size has been achieved by Bosphorus Leather when crafting this case. The case complements the black, anthracite, and silver colors of the movement, with a neutral interior to not interfere with the bespoke nature of the CT12. Each case has been individually numbered to match the corresponding CT12 club watch.

The Strap

Like the dial, the strap has been carefully chosen to match the dial or the owner’s taste. Handmade by Scarlett Paris, the strap is completely bespoke in leather type, color, and size. As with all those involved in the creation of this timepiece, Scarlett Paris is a household name amongst discerning collectors around the globe.

From CronotempVs, we would like to extend our gratitude to all who made this “club watch” possible: Comblemine, Philippe Narbel, Bosphorus Leather, Scarlett Paris, and last but not least, Armand Billard, without whom the CT12 would have never been possible. Armand’s spirit, vision, and patience have been paramount for the completion of this project.

As a private collector’s club, we take much pride in all those that have done club watches with us past and present. We look to the future with wonder and enthusiasm what will come next.

Thank you,


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