Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Horolum

The BR 05 Horolum is inspired by the minerality of concrete and the stripping down of contemporary architecture In 2017, Bell & Ross presented the BR 03-92 Horolum. Its name is drawn from “Horo”, referring to watchmaking or time and “Lum”, meaning light. This watch reproduced the company’s iconic “circle in a square” case, with...
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Bell & Ross “Vintage Bellytanker”

The Bell & Ross “Vintage Bellytanker” is a testament to discrete elegance and style. Speed has always been a key source of inspiration for Bell & Ross. Since it was founded, the watch brand has also demonstrated a passion for the very latest technology. These factors constantly push the brand to excel and to develop...
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Bell & Ross "Vintage Bellytanker"

Bell&Ross BR03-92 Diver Full Lum

TAILORED TO THE EXTREME For Bell & Ross – the luxury watch company and ultimate reference for professional timepieces –, each watch is designed to match its specific environment. For divers, Bell & Ross has developed tools that are perfectly suited for underwater exploration. They are capable of effectively assisting divers in the deepest and...
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Bell&Ross BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum

BR V2 by Bell&Ross, revisits a military style

Since it was founded, Bell & Ross has been passionate about military history and its functional and aesthetic archetypes. Flight instruments will always be a source of watchmaking inspiration for its designers. As such, military specifications provide Bell & Ross timepieces with rigorous and exacting standards in terms of legibility, functionality, precision and reliability. Modern-day...
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BR V2 by Bell&Ross

Bell & Ross “BR-X1 White Hawk & BR-X1 Tourbillon”

Bell & Ross, the ultimate reference in aeronautical watches, presents its BR-X1 White Hawk line. Its name in French, Faucon Blanc, evokes dreams and travels. These two models with sophisticated watchmaking finishes take inspiration from the colors of private jets. The excellence of business aircrafts is the result of innovative technologies taken from the design...
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Bell & Ross “BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire”

The launch of the BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE last year marked a new chapter in the Bell & Ross saga. A new watchmaking adventure that emphasizes concepts like high-tech, creativity, superior mechanical performance and, therefore, seduction. Today, Bell & Ross continues to stretch the boundaries of fine watchmaking by creating an exceptional new model, the...
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THE SEA RESCUER’S WATCH Bell & Ross has a passion for the military world and its codes. Since its inception, the watch company has considered those who serve in the military to be heroes. The brand shares the values of performance and excellence with these men and women and has enlisted their expertise to develop...
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