By now most fortunate owners have received the “little” invitation to the official delivery event. Presenting the URWERK “UR105-CC” by SKULLY invitation.


This 4.5L Gin bottle has been numbered and matched to each individual owner of the URWERK UR105-CC. The instructions and details as to the delivery event will only be disclosed to the fortunate owners of the watch. For this occasion SKULLY Gin has created a unique “hand Made” bottle as a very special invitation to attend the delivery event. Numbered 1 to 15 like the watches. There is no doubt that the URWERK “UR105-CC” by SKULLY invitation will set a precedent.

We, at CronotempVs Collectors, are very excited to share this very special moment with URWERK and what is our first project.


SKULLY GIN oriental citrus brings the fragrant and exotic taste of the orient to your glass.

Inspired by fresh fruits and botanicals from the orient, this citrus-based gin bursts with flavour. The use of yuzu fruit combined with traditional gin botanicals makes this gin both refreshing and exceptionally smooth. Skully Oriental Citrus is the perfect base for a fresh Gin & Tonic or Martini and for cocktails like a Thai Tonic or Singapore Sling. For Skully Oriental Citrus & Tonic we recommend Fever Tree tonic water or Thomas Henri tonic water.


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