INDICATOR by Colibrica Design

It is my first “Russian” and I could not be happier. Taking all other considerations aside, the “INDICATOR” has a certain aura that makes it a very unique watch. Keeping the concept as authentic as possible by having a Poljot movement and not going the «ETA-way» is the right decision even if the later is a superior movement. This particular Russian with a Swiss movement would not have been the same.



  • Authenticity: All is manufactured by Indicator except the movement. Very impressive. especially when you take the price into consideration.
  • Design: Colours, proportions, hands… It all works very well together. This is not easy and few older more consolidated watch brands achieve that balance.
  • Details: Hands and even the buckle is make by them and are unlikely to be found on other watches
  • Price: Very hard to beat taking all the points into consideration
  • Relaxing: A perfect weekend/vacation leisure watch when exact minutes are not that important.
  • Flexibility: Because they make everything themselves they have the unique ability to personalise the watch way further than any other watch brand.


  • The crown could be a bit smoother when winding
  • WHERE IS ENGLISH??? The company site is exclusively in Russian. Would like to have some more info…

I am still very impressed and the result of what is a first model from Indicator and can’t wait to see what comes next. A standard hours and minutes would be very welcomed even maintaining the “manometer” look. I would have rather liked the back to be closed and engraved rather than seeing the movement. Engraving is one of their strong points and they should take more advantage of that.


A wonderful piece and a definite “must have” in a collectors watch collection.


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