Summer Watch 2017

Now that we are at the edge of summer it is time to treat your wrist to something really cool. Question is; what? Well if you want something better than a Tudor and not as pricey as a Panerai but still want something special… Only two come to mind; Angelo del Mares’s “Royal Yacht” and...
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Oversize Watches & Average Size Wrists

Now it is time for us in the northern hemisphere to rollup our sleeves and take the «oversize» watches out for some wrist-time. One problem for many are heavy/large watches and how the crown digs into the back of your hand. A simple rope band will help with that. First know that I am not...
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Andersmann «Deep Sea-ANN0913»

The 3000 meter challenge I usually leave some time before I write review about a piece, even if it is a brief recess this helps me to get a good idea on the performance of the tested watch. However, I admit that I am very impressed with this Andersmann «Deep Sea-ANN0913». I have spend well...
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Andersmann "Deep Sea-ANN0913"