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Author: Scaramanga

Lang & Heyne “Friederich II”

Simplicity has never been so attractive as with the Friederich II. Three hands, no complications, pure horological poetry. Something “aparently” so simple yet so special that it is only recognized and appreciated by those truly initiated. The Friederich II by Lang & Heyne is a watch for those that reached the end of a long journey and are about to start a new one. As with all Lang & Heyne pieces, the movement and its finishes are the real focus. The depth given by the top bridge holding cogs and wheels makes this a truly striking piece. Every detail counts, every inward angle...

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Davidoff “Escurio – Gran Toro”

Desde la desaparición llevo buscando sustitutivo a mi añorado Davidoff “Puro D’Oro”. Todavía me cuesta entender su desaparición puesto que este era un puro realmente extraordinario. Desde entonces han aparecido varias y nuevas series como el “YAMASA” y el “ESCURIO”. En teoría el Yamasa debería ser el elegido puesto que el Puro D’Oro llevaba esa hoja. Por desgracia la vitola Toro de este no me atrae en exceso y la que si, la 60 x 6 no esta siendo traída a España. De momento el Escurio en formato “Gran Toro” será la primera prueba. CONTACTO Presentación sobria pero elegante, como...

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Lang & Heyne “Georg”

If there is something that really is appreciated by a real watch connaisseur in a rectangular watch is a rectangular movement. This means that the movement was specifically made for this case. The more I look at this watch the more I think the hands should have been placed in the back so as to wear it face down. Yes, if you ever ask, this is what superlative finishings look like… L&H...

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Lang & Heyne “Albert”

Here is what can be considered in the absolute “superlative” watchmaking league. It was only decades ago that such mastery of the finishings where unthinkable outside Switzerland. Lang & Heyne’s Albert is one of the maximum exponents of the proficiency of German watchmaking art. A mono-pusher and crown integrated pusher chronograph is a challenge even for the most experienced master watchmaker. The Albert is not only a technical marvel but it finishings make it more than just a watch. It is a true work of art.   Like with most superlative timepieces what happens behind the scenes is always...

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