The Endurance by Habring2

The anachronistic voyage… I have doubts if these few lines are of any interest to anybody at all. This is certainly not a bit to “shill” the Endurance by Habring2 (already sold out) especially about the wonderful piece by Watchonista a couple of days ago. It isn’t even a review of the Endurance, but instead...
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10 Years L.U.C. & CronotempVs

When time counts Who could have predicted over 12 years ago, when this adventure started, that the independents (that back then nobody wanted) would be so much in demand today? Looking back, the change in attitude with respect to these relatively unknown brands was hardly perceived. What seemed to impossible is the acceptance of those...
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10 años L.U.C. & CronotempVs

Cigar maintenance and the “long” game…

If there is one thing I wish not to know is how much I must have spent on humidors in my lifetime… large, small, elegant, ugly, vintage, modern, electronic, expensive, cheap… You name it, I probably bought it. I have tried miracle liquids, special sponges and electronic paraphernalia with no positive results and only yielding...
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Cigar maintenance

Bronze Patina

One of the first questions you will come across when you buy your first bronze watch. Do I wait for the bronze patina to evolve with the passing of time or do I control and provoke it? For the first option, the only ingredient required is patience. For the second, just a simple tutorial will...
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Angelo del Mare Royal Officer

CronotempVs VI by Habring2

The Day the Seconds Stood Still Presenting a “Dead-Beat Seconds” or “Jumping Seconds” in 2014 was certainly a gamble. Even if most interested parties where already well seasoned watch collectors, back in 2014 very few understood a complication that seemed to mimic a quartz movement (even if it predates quartz by decades),despite being present in...
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CronotempVs VI by Habring2

Speake-Marin “The Marin 1 Mk2”

Here is the Speake-Marin “The Marin 1 Mk2”. This is one instance when words are superfluous… I rest my case. Speake-Marin…
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Speake-Marin 1 mk2

Olympus PEN-F

Heir to the Leica IIIf? I admit that I bought the Olympus PEN-F with little to no expectations. It was more an impuse purchase due to its attractive design than a carefully meditated and researched decision. I am not a big fan of small sensors and the “Micro 4/3” format was never my first choice....
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Summer Watch 2017

Now that we are at the edge of summer it is time to treat your wrist to something really cool. Question is; what? Well if you want something better than a Tudor and not as pricey as a Panerai but still want something special… Only two come to mind; Angelo del Mares’s “Royal Yacht” and...
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