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Who could have predicted over 12 years ago, when this adventure started, that the independents (that back then nobody wanted) would be so much in demand today? Looking back, the change in attitude with respect to these relatively unknown brands was hardly perceived. What seemed to impossible is the acceptance of those independents by novel watch amateurs and collectors. Today, after many years, independents are finally been given the recognition they deserve. This L.U.C. Perpetual Twin is the culmination of 10 years between the house of L.U.C. Chopard & CronotempVs. A voyage taken over a decade ago that has yielded many great moments.

10 años L.U.C. & CronotempVs

10 años L.U.C. & CronotempVs

I don’t think it to be a secret to say that back in the start nobody was willing to bet on a watch collectors club founded in Spain. Few brands took a chance. Chopard with their L.U.C. flag where one of a few to see a mutual benefit in a collaboration. Needles to say that this symbiotic relationship was an unprecedented success. The club needed legitimacy amongst the brands and the brand recognition amongst collectors. A perfect match.

The CronotempVs 1 by L.U. Chopard

The first proposal was a L.U.C Tech Twist with an aggressive contrast in colours relatively unseen in this kind of “classic” watches. With a size of 40.5 mm (rather small for the times) this variant of the Tech Twist did not leave anybody indifferent. In retrospect, many that bought the watch initially had considerable doubts regarding the piece. Yeas later the Ct1 has become one of the most sought after editions amongst the members of the club.

The CronotempVs 5 by L.U. Chopard

The decision on what would be the watch we would celebrate our 10th Anniversary and 10th Club Watch with, was evident from the start. Only an L.U.C. could be an option. Much has evolved inside the club was founded. The internationalisation and the trust the members have in the club make the club stronger than ever. What was unthinkable over decade ago, has become a reality with a superlative complication such as the L.U.C. Perpetual Twin in our collection.

CronotempVs 5 by L.U. Chopard

This is not an article about the technical details of the CT5, suffice it to say that the “perpetual calendar” complication is highly regarded by watch collectors and amateurs around the world.

Despite then delay of one year, due to the worldwide COVID pandemic, the project was an absolute success.

The importance of human relations · 10 years L.U.C. & CronotempVs

Even if Chopard can be considered more than a standard “independent” due to its production capacity, media strength and comercial size, L.U.C. in contrast, has always operated as a classic independent. A Limited production and stern defence of their watchmaking philosophy have made a statement that most collectors understand when presented to the brand. With the passage of time one comes to realise all the things achieved. Mutual trust gained over many years from a consolidated relationship are paramount to achieve a project such as this.

10 años L.U.C. & CronotempVs

thank you Chopard · numquam obliviscaris




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