10 Years L.U.C. & CronotempVs

When time counts Who could have predicted over 12 years ago, when this adventure started, that the independents (that back then nobody wanted) would be so much in demand today? Looking back, the change in attitude with respect to these relatively unknown brands was hardly perceived. What seemed to impossible is the acceptance of those...
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10 años L.U.C. & CronotempVs

CronotempVs by Habring2 COSZM

The CronotempVs by Habring2 COSZM is the 2nd collaboration between the Club and Maria and Richard Habring following the highly successful and warm reception to the CronotempVs 6 Deadbeat Seconds complication.  For this limited edition Club watch, the focus is on something that has technical and historical significance to the only true independent watchmakers from...
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CronotempVs by Habring2 COSZM

Royal Officer – by Angelo del Mare

It has been less than a year now since the delivery of the Royal Officer “CC Edition” by Angelo del Mare , and now has come the time for its bronze to shine The Royal Officer “CC Edition” by Angelo del Mare is a nostalgic “look back” at the first  diver/activity/action watches from the 50’s but adjusted...
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Angelo del Mare - Royal Officer "CC Edition"