Royal Officer – por Angelo del Mare

Hace solo menos de un año que desde la entrega del Angelo del Mare – Royal Officer «CC Edition», y ya va siendo hora que este salga a brillar El Royal Officer por Angelo del Mare es una mirada nostálgica hacia atrás a los primeros relojes de buceo/actividad/estancos de los años 50 pero ajustado a...
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Angelo del Mare - Royal Officer "CC Edition"

Tribute to the Banana Vs. L’ocean

If there is one «Boutique» brand that has achieved a cult status over the years that is CREPAS. At a rate of one edition per year and 300 (+/-100) units every time it is no wonder that in the resale market these fetch at least their sale price and in many cases go well over...
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Andersmann «Deep Sea-ANN0913»

The 3000 meter challenge I usually leave some time before I write review about a piece, even if it is a brief recess this helps me to get a good idea on the performance of the tested watch. However, I admit that I am very impressed with this Andersmann «Deep Sea-ANN0913». I have spend well...
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Andersmann "Deep Sea-ANN0913"

Angelo del Mare «ROYAL MASTER»

Aquí una breve sesión de fotos del «ROYAL MASTER» por Angelo del Mare Angelo del Mare se inspira sobretodo en los modelos vintage de Tudor (ampliando la caja a unos 46mm) y añadiendo unas referencias en diseño de los indices cogidos de Panerai. Mi limite personal son 44mm y reconozco que llevo dandole vueltas a...
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Black Vs. Red

I can’t stress enough what a great watch the «Tribute to the Banana – 1969» is a fantastic summer piece. Amongst that edition are two rarer models, the Red and Black versions. It is unfortunate that there are none of these left and very few available out there. CREPAS WATCHES
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