Andersmann «Deep Sea-ANN0913»

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Andersmann "Deep Sea-ANN0913"

I usually leave some time before I write review about a piece, even if it is a brief recess this helps me to get a good idea on the performance of the tested watch. However, I admit that I am very impressed with this Andersmann «Deep Sea-ANN0913». I have spend well over 48-hours now looking at it in detail and my first impression is the absolutely “SICK” value for money of the ANN0913. To the point that I am certain that there is absolutely no way that all its components like case, dial, hands and sapphire cristal are all made in Switzerland. At this price… NO WAY.

Andersmann "Deep Sea-ANN0913"


  • Stunning, almost insane quantity for money. One of the top three Boutique/Micro-Brands I have seen so far.
  • Outstanding and well manufactured watchcase, buckle, ceramic parts, stunning leather strap and unique not-OEM rubber strap.
  • Clean and adequate packaging. No unnecessary gimmicks.
  • The grip on bezel and crown is phenomenal. the way it should be on a diver.
  • Double domed sapphire glass. When crystals need to be this thick manufacturers often have the “temptation” to make them single domed…
  • NO DATE SETTING! Unlike many boutique brands that use ETA movements for watches with no date, the ANN0913’s movement has been “tweaked” so that the date setting position of the crown has been eliminated. Unlike other boutique brands that have that crown position despite not having a date, the ANN0913 goes directly to the time setting position without that “empty/awkward” crown position.
  • NO DISPLAY BACK: Would have been difficult in a 300ATM resistant watch but thank you none the less! No need to see yet another uninteresting ETA 2892-A2 (even if it is a good movement…)
  • I despise (with passion..) double-opposed lug-screws to fasten straps to a watch case. These make it imposible for anybody to change a strap without damaging the watch case. On the ANN0913 it is so… BUT, the screw-heads are “Allen/Hex” shaped and two matching screwdrivers are supplied with the watch making the strap change very simple if you are careful.


  • Lumen on the dial could have a bit stronger right after charging, especially for a diver… This is typical of the lumen that shines blue and not the traditional green in the dark. (I believe only Rolex have the “blue” lumen just right.)
  • At first glance the minute hand seems to be slightly bent upwards. However, this could be an optical illusion due to the very thick double domed sapphire glass.
  • The dial looks a bit like «plastic».


All this said, the watch really pops-out when you put it on the stunning brownish-coffee coloured leather strap. One of the best, if not the best leather strap I have seen delivered with a watch in a looooong time… of any segment and at any price. The sandblasted grade 5 titanium combined with the brushed sharp edges make work stunningly to give this watch a sturdy and interesting look. This watch emanates a sporty elegance despite its performance and large size. Like Angelo Del Mare, the Andersmann “Deep Sea-ANN0913” is a very serious contender and substitute for Panerai as a summer/fashionable/tool watch. If you are not “brand-obsessed” these are two stunning watches to consider and there is nothing out there that gives you more for less.


The Andersmann «Deep Sea-ANN0913» has exceded my expectations by a lot and that, I admit, does not happen very often. The only way to improve the overall levels of detail and presentation of the piece would be to finish the side of the buckle in sandblasted like the side of the watch case. Other than that, the watch is really fenomenal.

P.s. By Swiss law in order to be able to have “SWISS MADE” printed on the dial the movement has to be of Swiss origin (well, most of its parts that is…) and the watch has to be assembled in Switzerland by a qualified watchmaker. For those unaware of that fact just know that many prestigious brands have been sourcing cases, bracelets, crystals and other parts from China and other adjacent regions for some time now. The need to control prices and the notable progress in the quality achieved by Chinese manufacturers have made this posible. In my book, theres is nothing wrong with that if the required quality is achieved.

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