Oversize Watches & Average Size Wrists

Now it is time for us in the northern hemisphere to rollup our sleeves and take the «oversize» watches out for some wrist-time. One problem for many are heavy/large watches and how the crown digs into the back of your hand. A simple rope band will help with that.


First know that I am not a «wristband-type-o-guy». In fact the only jewellery I wear is my wedding band. Unfortunately with oversized watches I have come to use rope or leather bands regularly for personal comfort. This inevitably is not always understood and comments like «I never pictured you as the wristband type…» Nope, I am not. However, a small rope band will reduce my repositioning of the watch considerably.


Now to the options. Even if the latter times some are going the «Watch Anish» way which, taste aside, will damage your watch more than make it more confortable… I suggest a more sensible approach to adding wristbands for a meaningful purpose. Avoiding materials such as precious stones and metals would be the first recommendation. Making sure that the band is not too large is the second.


Its function is to help maintain a heavy/oversize watch in position as well as prevent the crown to «dig» itself in the back of your hand. Believe me… bling, bling will not be appreciated by your watch.


Simple cheap rope-bands will do the trick. The come in many colours that can be matched to any watch and have no metal parts to damage the watch. They are dead cheap, can be washed if dirty and discarded when old… Only drawback is that they are sometimes not easy to put on and can slide open.


Lately I have come across a rope-band that combines the necessary qualities to achieve this task. The best, hands-down, are these by 877 Workshop. Very confortable, customisable and the metal fastener is in aluminium which is much softer than any other metal so as to minimise possible damage the watch. (Even if this is so I recommend having the button close to the buckle and not necessarily close to the watchcase.)


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