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URWERK “Amadeus UR-210”

A flamboyant anachronism For its 20th anniversary, URWERK embarks on a retro-futuristic experiment. Far from being an exercise in nostalgia, the new watch makes the sort of contrary and provocative statement one has come to expect from a watchmaker that disdains the ordinary. The experiment centres on one of URWERK’s flagship models, a UR-210. Flung into a temporal particle accelerator, this futuristic watch collides with the past to emerge transfigured as a flamboyant anachronism. “An 18th-century wall clock in the pure baroque style has pride of place in the workshops. It was one of the first collector’s pieces my...

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Montandon & Co. “Magnetic Iris”

AUTOMATIC MARINE TOURBILLON FEATURING AN ADJUSTABLE OPENING AMAGNETIC IRIS – WINDWARD TMA01 V1 The new Swiss brand MONTANDON&Co is driven by the personal passions for Haute Horlogerie and Superyachts as well as years of expertise built up by its founder, Daniel M. Montandon. It is in the ‘Ferme Horlogère’ (historical watchmakers’ farm) restored by David Candaux, the master watchmaker and constructer of movements, that each Montandon&Co timepieces comes to life. Chosen as a flagship model for the brand’s launch, the Marine Tourbillon TMA01 V1 is the first model within the Windward collection, one of the brand’s two lines. By...

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Breguet “Tradition Dame 7038”

Tradition, la visionaria colección de Breguet, pertenece al selecto círculo de los iconos de la alta relojería. Desde que fuera lanzada en 2005 no ha dejado de crecer y de obsequiarnos con una paleta de modelos excepcionales que ahora se amplía con el Tradition Dame en oro rosa. Con este reloj de carga automática, Breguet consuma su apuesta por feminizar una pieza cuya esencia estética distintiva es la mecánica relojera, un ámbito eminentemente masculino. El barrilete, visible en la cara del reloj, lleva un rosetón sobre el que se yuxtapone, a las 12, una esfera de talla reducida en...

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Rado HyperChrome 1616

A new retro timekeeper for the adventure-minded man (Lengnau, Switzerland – 2017) Pioneering Swiss watchmaker Rado is beefing up its vintage-inspired offerings. A colourful new limited edition model is being added to the bold, nostalgia-infused HyperChrome 1616 line-up. Boasting an unmistakable late-60s build, the HyperChrome 1616 cuts a striking and masculine figure on the wrist. Measuring an eye-catching 46 mm across, its boxy dial is visually impressive, reminiscent of the outsized aesthetic of the era. The hands and indexes are similarly heavyset, forming a striking contrast to the vivid blue of the dial. The hardened grade five titanium case...

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Linde Werdelin “X CYKELMAGEREN”

INTRODUCING THE LINDE WERDELIN X CYKELMAGEREN BICYCLE – a passion project inspired by craftsmanship and a lifelong love for bicycles Linde Werdelin introduces a hand-built bicycle that has been made in collaboration with the famous Danish bike maker Rasmus Gjesing aka Cykelmageren. The mastery of design and finish of Cykelmageren’s bikes are of same attention to detail as the innovative watches from Linde Werdelin. “The harmony between bicycles and watches is obvious. They both only work with your own energy and both are amongst the most sustainable products made. They can run for centuries if treated right and are...

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