Trilobe, an architectural interpretation of time

Earlier this year, Trilobe participated for the first time to Watches & Wonders. I had the great pleasure of discovering their interpretation of time.

Without really being able to explain why, I intuitively figured out the French roots of Trilobe. Indeed, Gautier Massoneau, founder, anchored the brand in France. Or should I say in Paris? Not sure if that is considered the same. Trilobe, an architectural interpretation of time.

Gautier Massoneau

Created in France and crafted in Switzerland

There used to be a time when France stood for excellence in watchmaking. Well, the wheel of time has turned. Still, the Parisian roots of the brand make a real difference on the overall experience. I loved the enthusiasm shown during the presentation and the clear explanation. The one that we don’t always get from well established brands. As for the Swiss artisans, Trilobe has carefully chosen its partners amongst the most talented.

The digital experience

I personally truly enjoyed the experience of the digital presentation I attended “live” from the Paris Boutique (my guess). The atmosphere was just right and the technique carefully mastered. Hold on! It’s a one off! I believe that watches should be experienced in the flesh!

Did I mention a new brand? Well, not that new actually. The brand was launched in 2018 and despite a short existence, Trilobe has already reached a number of milestones. GPHG, Only Watch and now Watches and Wonders. What else am I forgetting?

Trilobe, an architectural interpretation of time

The brand communication is clear, aligned to the vision. The timepieces look appealing. And I really like the architectural background attached to it. It made me feel like knowing more about architecture and how it can connect to a watch. Wait! Let me not spoil it all too fast! Stay tuned for the next chapter about Trilobe…