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In recent times, we have all been able to see it either in supermarkets or gourmet stores. But what is EVOO Caviar? How is this made? In what dishes can we use it? Are they all the same? Some call them pearls, others caviar, what is clear is that they are much more similar to this second product both in view and in touch because of its texture. It is a question of small spheres generally of golden or greenish tone, whose measurement usually is around 5-8mm in diameter, in which no type of seam or union is perceived....

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Curiosities and anecdotes about Olive Oil and the Olive Tree I

With this series we are going to collect large and amazing curiosities and anecdotes about Olive Oil and the Olive Tree. Thus, we will continue learning in an enjoyable and fun way as it is most often characterized by Moltura. Felipe Augusto Agudo Herrero   Did you know that in Spain grow  more than 260 varieties of olives? Some of more important varieties are Picual, Arbequina, hojiblanca, Cornicabra and Manzanilla Cacereña.   In Rome there is a mountain within the city, with dimensions of 20,000 square meters and a height of 30 meters, which is formed by batches and...

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The colors of olive

Maybe we have seen many times, without paying attention, we can find olives of different colors, and we are not referring to the black ones and the black sheep of the family. In this article the experts of La Moltura  are going to tell you how the change of color of olives is due to a ripening effect, also they are going to talk about the properties that hides the state of the fruit in every color.     First we want to clarify that the black olives previously mentioned (the ones on the cans that last forever) have nothing to do...

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The Oil Tasting Glass

It’s probably that you have ever seen them, but do you know why they are like this? Who decided their design? How to use them in the best way? Where to get them? In the search for homogenizing the tasting of the extra virgin olive oil among the tasting panels of the different countries, they looked for the normalization of the glass in which the tasting was going to be done. And it was in June 1987, when the International Olive Council (COI), launched the COI/T.20/Doc. nº 5 standard, where it describes the specifications that said glass must have. The glass’s morphology...

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“FRUITÉ NOIR” the fruitiness that not everyone knows

In the French region of Provence, there is an ancient tradition called “Coufi”, which consists of aging olives before extracting their oil. As we all know nowadays, one of the unquestionable rules to get a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is to take the olives to the oil press immediately after their collection, however for Coufi, olives have to be remained in an environment that has nothing to do with the optimum to obtain the EVOO, they must be stored in a warm place for the fermentation of the fruit to take place. But where does this technique come...

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