In recent times, we have all been able to see it either in supermarkets or gourmet stores. But what is EVOO Caviar? How is this made? In what dishes can we use it? Are they all the same?

Some call them pearls, others caviar, what is clear is that they are much more similar to this second product both in view and in touch because of its texture.

It is a question of small spheres generally of golden or greenish tone, whose measurement usually is around 5-8mm in diameter, in which no type of seam or union is perceived. They also have a soft, gelatinous texture.

They can be manipulated relatively easily without breaking. The idea is that it is in the mouth where the capsules open, producing an explosion of flavor by spilling the contents inside.

According to labeling, these pearls contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil, being able to belong to any of the existing varieties of EVOO.

For the manufacturing of these pearls and to give this characteristic shape in particular, the spherification technique is used.

This technique consists of adding a natural thickener from brown algae (sodium alginate) and calcium chloride in specific proportions to cause gelation to the liquid applied, in this case to the EVOO.

Today, we find in the market different brands that sell the caviar of EVOO.




CAVIAROLI: This company is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of this product. At the moment the classic pearls unite the aromatized with basil, chili, rosemary, etc. We can find the caviar jar of EVOO arbequina variety of 50g




LA CHINATA: This company that has already accustomed us to countless products derived from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, could not be less and have their own caviar of EVOO.

Caviar de AOVE La chinata

SUPREMO: Made with the picual variety. We can find it in little pots of 50g

Caviar de AOVE Supremo

These are just some of the examples of brands that produce EVOO caviar.

This product has above all a decorative purpose, and its application in kitchen ranges from cold dishes such as salads, creams, and starters, to hot meals as an accompaniment to meats and fish, until you reach the desserts that as we already remember in this article, match perfectly with the EVOO.

We could not close the article without mentioning the great impeller of the spherification technique without which we could not have today our Caviar of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the celebrated chef and master Ferrán Adriá and his molecular cuisine.

In short, a new commitment to the presentation of our precious and healthy liquid gold.


And you?

have you ever tried the evoo caviar?



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