Unimatic offer something different

The watch micro-brand landscape may seem overwhelming some times. The amount of new brands that pop up every day in the watch scene has long surpassed what the average watch enthusiast can retain. But every once-in-a-while one of those brands manages to bring a real breath of fresh air to the industry. Unimatic belongs to that reduced group. Here the Unimatic – Modelo 1 to 4.


Unimatic was founded in Milan (Italy) in 2015 by two industrial design students. Over the last years this microbrand has managed to successfully establish strong design cues that allow a Unimatic watch to be spotted from the distance. Those design cues are shared by all four models in their lineup in what can only be described as a balanced mixture of modern watchmaking and vintage diver reminiscences. But make no mistake, although only 4 models might seem few for a brand aspiring to reach as many watch enthusiasts as possible, their strategy has already been proven successful. 


Unimatic offer something different with a portfolio based on only 4 Models. They are the Modello 1, Modello 2, Modello 3 and… you’ve guessed it! Modello 4. They are offered on regular batches for which customers can register in advance. So far nothing really new in the microbrand world. However, Unimatic’s success over the last years has relied upon a vast number of collaboration giving different flavours to the already existing 4 base models. These collaborations, some of them with a high profile (e.g. with Hodinkee or Massena Lab), have contributed to give visibility to the brand in the crowded microbrand segment. Moreover, they have allowed Unimatic to also taste the waters, in a controlled manner, offering new features not present in their permanent collection.

Just think about how much sense it makes for any supply chain to have only 4 basic models and only 2 calibres. They can be relied upon any time to change the overall watch look and feel with very limited yet extremely effective modifications.

Model portfolio

The Modello 1 is the foundational model and the brand’s flagship on which most of the collaborations have been based. While nothing in the watch design is really new, its clean rotating bezel, its superb legibility and minimalistic dial design have the power to appeal equally to tool watch lovers and minimalism enthusiasts. A robust case with sharp corners, edges and prominent lugs, an easily adjustable crown and big hour markers filled with lots of superluminova seem to have been so far the common factor to the brand’s success. Unimatic – Modelo 1 to 4


Both the Modello 3 and the Modello 4, are evolutions of the initial Modello 1. The Modello 3 is basically a Modello 1 but with a chronograph complication. It is also the only model in Unimatic’s lineup powered by a Mechaquartz calibre and not a mechanical one (the rest of them are powered by automatic Seiko movements). The Modello 4 is again very similar to the Modello 1 but its bezel is fix and doesn’t rotate, granting the watch a look that slightly resembles a vintage Panerai.

Unimatic - Modelo 1 to 4

The Modello 2 is the watch whose lines separate the most from the rest of the Unimatic family but its design language continues to be unmistakably Unimatic’s. This model is Unimatic’s interpretation of the traditional field watch but in a smaller case than its siblings.

Final thoughts

With an accessible price sub 1.000EUR, many future collaborations in the pipeline and perhaps some future addition to the four basic models, Unimatic has managed to offer something different. And even more important yet, Unimatic have already done the worst part for any microbrand. They have established a successful and recognisable name and design language in the watch industry. 

More information on Unimatic watches here.

About the author

Santiago lives and works since many years in Düsseldorf (Germany) as a petrochemical commodity trader. In his free time he loves learning about vintage mechanical watches and fountain pens and collecting them. You can find him on Instagram as @watcher_nostalgic