Zeitwinkel and CronotempVs Collectors present the 126º. A new direction for a traditional watchmaker

Few movements are so unique and inspiring as is the ZW0102 by Zeitwinkel. A standalone automatic movement in its category. The ZW0102 is assembled and adjusted by one watchmaker in its entirety. A philosophy that is no longer followed by most commercial brands. Only because of this, the Zeitwinkel 126º for CronotempVs Collectors and its traditional approach to horology deserves to be celebrated.

Zeitwinkel 126 CronotempVs Collectors

In contrast to this watchmaking tradition lies a very modern sober design that has become part of the manufactory’s DNA since its foundation in 2006. A philosophy focused on the essential finishing and chronometry but not discarding intangibles like art and passion. In all these years Zeitwinkel has never diverted from its austere and minimalistic design, until now.

With this long term collaboration, CronotempVs Collectors hopes to bring the excellence of Zeitwinkel’s horology to the watch collecting community. It is as watch enthusiasts that we eagerly begin this journey.

A unique movement

Long before the watches, Zeitwinkel started to think about movements. They quickly agreed that “off-the-shelf” movements where not acceptable, and neither was modifying existing products. The ZW0102 is a direct result of this philosophy.

Not based on any other movement, but a very solid and proprietary construction unique to Zeitwinkel watches. Bridges and plates are made from uncoated German Silver which is more difficult to handle and cannot hide any mistakes in decoration or fingerprints. This gives the movement a very sturdy quality that ages beautifully in a warm metallic colour. In true “Haute Horlogerie” tradition, all components are bevelled and decorated by hand even on parts that are not visible unless the watch and the movement are disassembled.

The ZW0102 boasts a very strong bi-directional automatic winding mechanism which backs up the 72-hours power reserve.

Each movement is assembled by hand by a “single” watchmakers start to finish from the individual parts. The same watchmaker will regulate and test the watch in the workshop in Saint-Imier. All movement components are manufactured in the vicinity of Saint-Imier.

The hands

Faceted with two straight surfaces that are at an angle to each other over almost the entire length of the hand. As a result, one side always reflects the incident light, thus creating a strong contrast with the dial. “Black or” surface treatment which results in a beautiful appearance, iridescently changing between a medium grey and a nearly black shade which results in excellent readability in contrast with the dial.

The one that stands out is without a doubt the unusually long seconds hand in the shape of a Venetian stiletto dagger. Its design and manufacturing will satisfy even the most fervent macro-photographers in search of perfection.

The dial

Constructed and based on a CronotempVs design with three distinctly different materials, surface structures and appearances. Central Maillechort (German Silver) dial plate changes its colour from a metallic silver to a very warm, almost golden shade.

To this is added an elaborately tapisserie of Zeitwinkel logos which are derived from the inverted letter “W” of the proprietary Zeitwinkel typeface. Manufactured in Switzerland with a high share of manual labour.

Zeitwinkel 126º CronotempVs Collectors

Like other CC editions, the strap of the 126º will be fitted to the owners size.  The 126º comes standard with a shark-nobuk  strap but there is also a natural leather option. All the straps are hand made by JacobStraps in Jaen, Spain.

The “126º” by Zeitwinkel is a CronotempVs Collectors commissioned exclusive limited production watch. Delivery of the first production batch is expected for fall 2022.

Zeitwinkel 126º for CronotempVs Collectors

Case: 42 mm wide and 11,7 mm high (39mm to be confirmed…)

Movement: ZW0102 – Mechanical automatic wind

Functions: Hours, minutes and centre seconds

Dial: in “Maillechort” and “W” tapisserie

Water resistance: 5 ATM

Strap: Handmade nubuck shark in bespoke sizes

Price 9.600 Euros (ex. taxes)

Limited production

Reserve now…

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