Greubel Forsey presents the Double Balancier in 5N red gold featuring a black gold and enamel dial at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2018 (SIHH).

Double Balancier

Mechanical marvel
With this latest version, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey sought to play up the Double Balancier’s theatrical side. The black gold dial with the minute- circle, numerals, hour markers and power reserve in champlevé grand feu (oven- red) enamel functions like a curtain rising to reveal the phenomenal duet of the two balance wheels connected by the constant di erential. A rotation indicator tted to the di erential executes one complete turn in 4 minutes. The heart of the mechanism and its the three- dimensional architecture reveals a true horological spectacle and each of the hand-decorated elements plays its own role in this mechanical opera.

First-rate chronometric performance
The revolutionary mechanism in the Double Balancier pushes the limits of timekeeping. Two inclined balances optimise performance in stable positions, while the Constant Spherical Di erential provides more steady amplitude.

Double Balancier

In 2009, after extensive research on multiple regulators at Greubel Forsey’s EWT (Experimental Watch Technology) Laboratory, the inclined Double Balancier was introduced as a prototype at Baselworld. It was Greubel Forsey’s 6th Fundamental Invention. The two inclined regulating organs – then positioned on top of each other – now occupy distinct and separate three-dimensional spaces. This new con guration further develops chronometric performance while the Constant Spherical Di erential cuts the timing variations in half.

Three-dimensional architecture
Aesthetically, this timepiece is both understated and complex. A wide aperture catches the eye with powerful three-dimensional aspects, extensively revealing the heart of the mechanism. We are diving into an architectural world built on many levels, a miniature futuristic city constructed between the balances whose inclination is decidedly dizzying. The 5N red gold hands and matching case amplify the noble aura of this timepiece.

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