Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey took up a significant challenge with the GMT Earth: how to offer a comprehensive, three-dimensional view of the terrestrial globe, from the North to the South Poles. They approached the architecture of this timepiece from a different​ angle to give the movement and the case a more prominent role.

GMT Earth_1663_Soldier copy

360° view
With this new creation, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are once again pushing the envelope and venturing into uncharted territories. The GMT Earth provides an amazing 360° view of our planet Earth all the way from the North to the South Pole. This technical feat was achieved by an original movement architecture in relation to the case shape and dimensions. Revealing the entire terrestrial globe required complex application of sapphire crystal, a skill which Greubel Forsey has acquired over many years of research and utilization.

GMT Earth_1666_Sideview copy

3D view
The globe is not the only three-dimensional element in this timepiece – it’s a characteristic that features at every level. The three-dimensionality first​ appears at the highest point of the dial, with the hour, minute and small seconds indications. Then the gaze glides gently across the GMT indication with its triangular red hand, followed by the power reserve indication displayed by a long, slender hand. Finally, our eyes come to rest on the lowest part of the dial, which shows the globe alongside the Tourbillon 24 Secondes, Greubel Forsey’s 3rd pivotal Invention.

GMT_Earth_Back copy

Global view
The GMT Earth enables a clear view of three time zones simultaneously to within a quarter of an hour. Furthermore, on the movement side of the timepiece, 24 time zones are displayed with the summer and winter times to complement the universal time indicated by the terrestrial globe.

The proportions of the case were constructed to accommodate the high-domed sapphire crystal bezel and the special artistry on the caseband. The characteristic lateral plates bearing engraved inscriptions that encapsulate the key values of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey decorate the case body.

This white gold edition is limited to 33 pieces.

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