Lang & Heyne «Albert»

Here is what can be considered in the absolute «superlative» watchmaking league. It was only decades ago that such mastery of the finishings where unthinkable outside Switzerland.

Lang_und_Heyne_Albert_Platin_003_RGB_A4_HW copy

Lang & Heyne’s Albert is one of the maximum exponents of the proficiency of German watchmaking art. A mono-pusher and crown integrated pusher chronograph is a challenge even for the most experienced master watchmaker.

Lang_und_Heyne_Albert_No35_Platin_005_RGB_A4_HW copy

The Albert is not only a technical marvel but it finishings make it more than just a watch. It is a true work of art.


Like with most superlative timepieces what happens behind the scenes is always more interesting than the front. The movement cries to be observed for hours without end.


Fortunate are those who own one like this…


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