Lang & Heyne «Friederich II»

Simplicity has never been so attractive as with the Friederich II. Three hands, no complications, pure horological poetry.

L&H_220415_045_BBT_A4 copy

Something «aparently» so simple yet so special that it is only recognized and appreciated by those truly initiated. The Friederich II by Lang & Heyne is a watch for those that reached the end of a long journey and are about to start a new one.

As with all Lang & Heyne pieces, the movement and its finishes are the real focus. The depth given by the top bridge holding cogs and wheels makes this a truly striking piece.


Every detail counts, every inward angle is important, every beveled edge executed with proficiency. All is the way it should be. Many will require visible complications yet many times the least evident details amount to much more.

Factsheet Friedrich II



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