Linde Werdelin «X CYKELMAGEREN»

INTRODUCING THE LINDE WERDELIN X CYKELMAGEREN BICYCLE – a passion project inspired by craftsmanship and a lifelong love for bicycles

Linde Werdelin introduces a hand-built bicycle that has been made in collaboration with the famous Danish bike maker Rasmus Gjesing aka Cykelmageren.

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The mastery of design and finish of Cykelmageren’s bikes are of same attention to detail as the innovative watches from Linde Werdelin. “The harmony between bicycles and watches is obvious. They both only work with your own energy and both are amongst the most sustainable products made. They can run for centuries if treated right and are 100 percent carbon free,” Morten Linde says, explaining why he decided to make a bicycle with Cykelmageren.

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Danish Culture
The bicycle is a part of Danish tradition and culture. The first Danish bicycle club dates back to 1881 and in Copenhagen alone there are 560.000 bikes to 520.000 inhabitants. 63 percent of all members of the Danish parliament, located in the middle of Copenhagen, commute daily by bike proving the love for the two-wheeled means of transportation.
With these numbers in mind as well as an all-time love for bicycles Morten Linde and Jørn Werdelin, the two founders of Linde Werdelin, decided to create a unique and hand-built bicycle with Cykelmageren.

«I decided to produce as much as possible myself, because I could not find the components I was looking for. This way I can get precisely the bike I have in mind making the frame, pedals, brake callipers, integrated lights and other vital parts,” Rasmus Gjesing says.

Share The Same Values
“We all remember our first bike, just like we remember our first wristwatch,” Morten Linde says adding the emotional values that are connected to both products.

“Jørn and I have known each other since we were six years old and we have always had a great interest in bikes. When we were kids we nerded bikes and spend a lot of time sourcing special parts to custom make our otherwise standard bikes. And making this special bike with fellow artisan Rasmus Gjesing is an ode to our childhood as well as an ode to craftsmanship, attention to detail and sustainability.”

Made To Measure
Rasmus Gjesing, who has been making bicycles since 1994, has a very traditional approach to frame design. But his bikes that are all handmade in an old sawmill 50 kilometres from Copenhagen are far from ordinary. His small crew of four spend their days in a 100% hands-on environment.

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His bicycles are all made-to-order and with this in mind Linde Werdelin has added their Trigon pattern into the pedals and on the retro inspired gear shift as well as fitted a special wired cable cover, making it a unique masterpiece that takes approximately 30 man hours to design and assemble.

Linde Werdelin x Cykelmageren
The Linde Werdelin x Cykelmageren bicycle can be ordered in two different frame sizes (56 and 59 inches). The bike offers a handmade vintage style three-speed gearshift fitted in the top frame.

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The engine turned wooden handles (made from wood from the sawmill that houses the workshop) are painted in the Linde Werdelin blue logo colour. The unique wired handbrake cables offer an instant brake via the handmade brake calliper.

The handmade frame has a zinc primer and is painted in the Linde Werdelin blue colour and each bike has a bronze plate with the individual number engraved. A unique light system can be integrated in the frame.

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