Angelo del Mare

Bronze Patina

One of the first questions you will come across when you buy your first bronze watch. Do I wait for the bronze patina to evolve with the passing of time or do I control and provoke it? For the first option, the only ingredient required is patience. For the second, just a simple tutorial will...
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Angelo del Mare Royal Officer

Royal Officer – by Angelo del Mare

It has been less than a year now since the delivery of the Royal Officer “CC Edition” by Angelo del Mare , and now has come the time for its bronze to shine The Royal Officer “CC Edition” by Angelo del Mare is a nostalgic “look back” at the first  diver/activity/action watches from the 50’s but adjusted...
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Angelo del Mare - Royal Officer "CC Edition"

Coming soon at CronotempVs Collectors!

Dear watch enthusiast, This coming 10th of October at noon GMT, Cronotempvs Collectors is proud to unveil its second “CronotempVs Collectors Edition” in collaboration with Angelo del Mare.   Stay tuned for more… * All subscribed the “CronotempVs Collectors Editions” list will receive the information 48-hours before it is officially presented.
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Summer Watch 2017

Now that we are at the edge of summer it is time to treat your wrist to something really cool. Question is; what? Well if you want something better than a Tudor and not as pricey as a Panerai but still want something special… Only two come to mind; Angelo del Mares’s “Royal Yacht” and...
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Angelo del Mare “ROYAL MASTER”

Aquí una breve sesión de fotos del “ROYAL MASTER” por Angelo del Mare Angelo del Mare se inspira sobretodo en los modelos vintage de Tudor (ampliando la caja a unos 46mm) y añadiendo unas referencias en diseño de los indices cogidos de Panerai. Mi limite personal son 44mm y reconozco que llevo dandole vueltas a...
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