CronotempVs Collectors

TAG Heuer Carrera CC

TAG Heuer presents the Carrera CronotempVs Collectors, a limited edition chronograph inspired by a model from 1974 In this year 2023, TAG Heuer is proud to celebrate the 60th anniversary of a global icon: the TAG Heuer Carrera watch. For six decades, this timeless model from the Swiss watchmaking brand has defined the design of...
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TAG Heuer Carrera Cronotempvs Collectors

The Lonsdale by Cuervo y Sobrinos

A cigar-inspired, retro-styled limited-edition watch and presentation case For CronotempVs Collectors and The Lounge by Watchonista by Cuervo y Sobrinos in collaboration with Eric Giroud’s Somewhere Inspired by the world of premium cigars, the Lonsdale watch and its presentation case are the brainchild of two seasoned cigar smokers: Scaramanga, co-founder of CronotempVs Collectors international watch collectors...
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The Lonsdale by Cuervo y Sobrinos

00RED by Ball Watch Co.

Ball Watch and CronotempVs Collectors join to present the 00RED When CronotempVs Collectors decided to collaborate in a piece by Ball Watch Co. it was clear that making a special piece would not be a easy task. Amongst all the possibilities, the Engineer III stood out as the most pragmatic choice to build upon. The goal was...
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Silver Spur by LAINE

CronotempVs Collectors presents the “Silver Spur” by Laine, a unique approach manufactured entirely in the brand’s atelier Silver Spur by LAINE Although not visible at first glance the “Silver Spur” by LAINE is unique in more ways than one. Commissioned exclusively for CronotempVs Collectors the Silver Spur is a limited production timepiece that will be available...
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Silver Spur by Laine

Spirit of Sixty-Five by Oris

CronotempVs Collectors presents a new take on the Sixty-Five by Oris with an exclusive limited edition of 65 units In the sixties, explorers of the magnitude of Jacques Costeau, Hans Hass o Christian J. Lambertse where implicated witnesses of the advances in deep sea diving. An adequate legibility of the instruments was key to control diving...
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Spirit of Sixty-Five by Oris

Habring² Endurance CronotempVs Collectors

Habring² and CronotempVs Collectors unite to recreate a unique timepiece that rescues the Top Second, an indication from the 60’s The creative process of the “Endurance” is inspired by a feat of human resistance. When Habring² and CronotempVs Collectors got together to create the Endurance, a watch with unique characteristics, Ernest Shackleton and his arctic...
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Endurance by Habring2