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A Natural Watch

Konstantin Chaykin, the Russian Watch Manufacture presents the Quartime Watch, a new vision for telling time. The final testing was completed in October 2012 and the Manufacture will be happy to accept orders for the Quartime Watch as of November 2012. The unique idea embodied in the Quartime Watch is that counting time in manageable segments helps us, in this hectic day and age, to organize our day better. Instead of dividing the day into halves – après midi and post midi (AM/PM), the Quartime Watch divides the day into 4 segments, reflecting how we actually divide the day in our minds.

QUARTIME side view copy

The Quartime Watch divides the day into four 6 hour segments: morning, day, evening and night. This is how we naturally perceive the daily cycle: thus, the Quartime Watch helps us stay attuned to natural rhythms. Four time of the day, four quarters – the circle is complete.

Quartime black dial side view copy

On the Quartime, the hours are displayed in 6 tiny apertures on the face, and the time of day is displayed in a small window on the bottom. The numbers used to mark the hours are 12-5 for the night, 6-11 for the morning, 12-5 for the day and finally 6-11 for the evening. At the start of each segment of the day the hour disc and the time of day disc both move.

Konstantin Chaykin invented a new movement to tell time in 6 hour segments. The new generation movement is contained in a classic case made of steel or rose gold. There are three models available: a classic model in a steel case with hour and minute hands and two models with a second hand on a secondary dial available in rose gold or steel cases. The dial is decorated with clou de Paris guilloche, and the hands are all blued in a traditional and complicated process, whereby the hands are heated to a certain temperature which creates the lovely shade of deep blue.

The patented KQR Caliber was developed and manufactured by the Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture. All 200 details of the caliber are created, decorated and finished in a complicated multi-step process. The completed movement is tested for 2,000 hours on special equipment, including robotics designed to mimic the natural movements of the human hand.

The Quartime Watch reminds us that we can break up the crazy rhythm of our days and enjoy the islands of joy and happiness which we often miss if we rush around mindlessly. Morning – a time to savor a touch of astringency in our morning coffee; Day – the time we devote to work or our favorite pastimes; Evenings – a time to relax with our friends and families; Nights – a time for sleep and renewal. Peaceful moments when we take time to reflect on eternal truths are essential for humankind. Without these moments life would be bleak, colorless and maybe even futile.

QUARTIME on tabulator

We cannot turn Time on and off, we don’t know how much Time we have left. Yet we can enjoy the Time we have, we can use it wisely and try to prioritize our activities so we don’t lose sight of what is truly important as we frenetically rush about. And the Quartime Watch is designed

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