Welcome to the world of extreme sharpness. Sander Miesse is a Belgium based knife maker who makes artisanal kitchen knives which are loved all over the world.

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While studying mechanics, he found that the Japanese style of making kitchen knives was very inspiring. Now, after many visits to Japan, he has perfected his craft and produces high-end knives for satisfied customers all over the world. Sander finished runner-up in the “Craftsman of the year” competition and is crowned ambassador to the “Handmade in Belgium” label.

Sander Miesse

Making the knives by hand gives each knife a unique look. Aside from the look, the benefit is having an extremely strict quality control in every stage of the manufacturing process. Sander believes that passion is the fire and engine for every single hobby or profession. Only if what you do is filled with passion, you can be the best version of yourself.

Sander is so passionate about creating knives that every one of them is almost like a child to him. To put it in his own words: “My passion is to create. And when I do that, I always want to make something better, even when it’s already the best. I have, and always will have specific memories of each knife I made.”

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Art Piece
A customized Skully decanter incorporating a knife stand to hold a masterpiece of knife maker Sander Miesse. The knife has a custom made silver skull embedded in the jade green handle and appears to be balancing on its tip because of a magnet integrated into the knife stand.

2.750,- € steel (VAT excl.)
3.150,- € damasteel (VAT excl.)


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