Experiment. Innovate. Create. Verbs that apply daily on artist James Chiew. His mixed media art forces him to seek for new boundaries. Moreover, he regularly exceeds boundaries to discover new limits. James’s choice of material is also outside the box. He combines acrylic paint, epoxy, wood, metal and even cowhide with photographic images and objects in a unique way. And with everything else that seems possible… His challenge is trying to do the impossible. ‘Either I will find a way or I will make one’ is James’s motto.

skully2611 copy

James Chiew, an autodidact from Singapore, started creating as a hobby. Later on he started with photography and in this art form James Chiew became famous. This was in fact the Beatrix 3-D artwork presented in ‘Paleis het Loo’ for the exhibition ‘Image of Beatrix’ in 2013.

In the meantime, Chiew also set up his own design studio and has become a major name in the hospitality and business art sector.


James finds his inspiration in everyday life, and gets inspired by ordinary everyday objects. The Skully Gin rehoboam bottle is one of those inspiring objects that he transforms with his unique style. The art piece created by Chiew is intriguing as it puts the bottle in a new perspective creating a “total” work of art.

Foto 27-10-2019 17 58 01

Art Work
This magically illuminated Bottle of Skully Gin appears to be fused with the base it is displayed on through the illusion of it melting all the way down to the floor. All done in glorious James Chiew epoxy style.

6.600,- € (VAT excl.)


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