Royal Delft, established in 1653, has been creating high-end Delft Blue for almost 400 years. This royal company has elevated the production of Delft Blue pottery to an art form. The centuries-old tradition and craftsmanship of painting Delft Blue remains at the heart of the business, whilst modern and innovative additions are never far away.

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The master painters at Royal Delft have been passing on their craftsmanship from generation to generation since 1653. To this very day master painters spend hours and hours focussing on the most intricate details of hand painted decorations. Exciting new projects with outsiders mean that traditional Delft Blue decorations are combined with modern geometrical patterns more often, giving the sometimes conservative Delft Blue a modern twist.


Royal Delft’s designs inspire people from all over the world. Their continuous innovation, state-of-the-art craftsmanship and history is being celebrated globally by a variety of interesting collaborations or by incorporating unique Royal Delft pieces into people’s homes.

With the help of modern 3D technology the Skully bottle was scanned and a 3D printer was used to create the mould that shaped the definitive porcelain bottles.

The Delft Blue decoration is based on traditional 17th century designs that combine floral decorations with geometrical ribbons that meet in the middle where the skull is situated. Thanks to the design the eye is drawn automatically to the logo. Like jewellery enhancing a ballgown the neck of the bottle is decorated with cartouches. The design gives the bottle an elegant appearance.


Art Piece
A duplicate of the 450CL Skully rehoboam made by the only remaining Delft manufacturer of Delft Blue since the 17th century. Handcrafted with the same method that Royal Delft has used since 1653 which nowadays is the international standard of Delft Blue. Hand painted with a color mixture made to a centuries-old recipe to give it the distinctive Delft blue appearance.

5.780,- € (VAT excl.)


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