Jean Octobon’s sculptures are inspired by and reminiscent of his adolescence, his roots, his vintage culture, his Western heroes, Belmondo’s smile, Starky’s jacket, 007’s gadgets… All in the key of fantasy and derision.


Born in the south of France, Jean studied Visual Arts and Art History while cultivating his interests for architecture, technology and industrial mechanics. Inspired by his grandfather who was a blacksmith boilermaker he was drawn to creating in metal. At the age of 45 he followed his passion and started as an artist creating metal sculptures.

SkullyGin-AF copy

The collab with Skully Gin was inspired by Jean’s BANG-BANG series. A journey through his universe: giant “guns” and real-sized toys in pop colors are a sentimental subject and object which Jean finds perfect for technical, mechanical and sculptural self-expression. The creation of the Skully Gin art piece shows a Colt 45 firing a bullet into a customized Rehoboam Skully Gin bottle.


Jean Octobon’s sculptures breathe and smell like metal and the pursuit of perfection.

skully2660 copy

Art Piece
An artistic replica of a Colt 45 gun together with a fully customized 450CL Skully rehoboam giving the impression that the gun is firing a bullet into the bottle of Skully Gin.

6.600,- € (VAT excl.)


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