Eindhoven, wednesday November 13 2019 – Over the last weekend, on November 8, 9 and 10, Skully Gin presented the Skully Art Collection at ‘The Philips Estate’ in Eindhoven. During the 3-day event, international guests were treated to a unique art exhibition, including a world record, combined with culinary masterpieces and innovations.

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13 International Artists
Skully Gin collaborated with 13 international artists to create 141 artpieces inspired by the Skully brand. The entire process took over 2 years to complete, resulting in some crazy & cool contemporary art. For the Skully brand the number 13 reflects its rebellious image and thus most of the creations are limited to 13 pieces.

World Record
The highlight of the exhibition was a Piece Unique created by Belgian jewellery designer Jochen Leën, Granada Gallery and Skully Gin. A flawless 65.17 carat Paraíba Tourmaline in a white gold setting was placed inside a 450cl bottle of Skully Gin, creating the most expensive bottle of Gin in the world. The specific Paraíba used, belongs to the top 7 most exclusive Paraíbas in the World. With Paraíba being more rare and expensive than Diamond, this unique Skully Gin bottle is valued at €4.700.000,-.

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Geological Treasures
Apart from the 65.17 carat Paraíba Tourmaline, Jochen Leën and Granada Galleries created an exceptional atmosphere using other geological treasures from the Granada Gallery collection. Three authentic prehistoric dinosaur skeletons and other fossils were on display inside and outside the exhibition.

© Photography by Eventpixels

Culinary experience and innovations
The exceptional flavours of Skully Gin are not only used in cocktails and drinks but also used as ingredients for food pairing. Verstegen Spices treated guests to a unique Omakase Chefs Experience from top chef Juan Danilo. The Verstegen Innovation department used high-tech 3D food printers to create an ‘edible Gin-Tonic’ in the Skully logo shape.

The Philips Estate
The exclusive event was hosted in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, at the Philips Estate. The 350 acre residence that was home to the late Frits Philips is very rarely opened up to the public and Skully Gin was honoured to have access to this unique location. Our partner Domes Europe built two giant temporary domes on the estate to house the exhibition and hundreds of invited guests. A full custom interior was made by PMP furniture to match the blue-green color of the Paraíba Tourmaline and finish the warm atmosphere inside the luxury domes.


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