Didier Legros is making Kinetic Art since 2002. Over the last 17 years the French born artist has delivered more than 400 pieces of art to clients in 28 countries.

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His Kinetic sculptures offer you the perfect instant escape and allow you to connect to your child soul. You will be immediately fascinated by the movement and the timeless moment of the hypnotic sculpture. As Didier tells it:” My inspiration is to create a kinetic sculpture which fascinates, draws the viewer along its path by following the movement and then leaves one feeling wrong footed by the surprise and magic of the unexpected.
I want you to be mesmerized by the movement, losing all notion of what’s going on around you to the point that when the unexpected happens it’s stunning! It’s that point that gives me the opportunity to connect with you.

I want you to feel that you are in my shoes, to feel or experience the same pleasure of seeing the ‘out of the ordinary happening ‘, a ball jumping, a pendulum suddenly swinging. I get you by the hypnotic movement and sometimes it happens that you are wrong footed – I like to play with that idea! My work takes people into their own imaginary world but straps them to the real world through physical, tactile and sound sensations.

Didier Legros 2

Art Work
A 100x110x130 centimeter kinetic sculpture centered around a reflective Skully bottle. A continuously moving art piece that will always keep you fascinated with its timeless moment.

16.550,- € (VAT excl.)


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