Investing in top quality, rare gemstones, Belgian jewellery designer Jochen Leën creates true contemporary works of art. Only Nature’s best and rarest gemstones are used in one of a kind jewellery designs, making them small objects of desire and future family heirlooms. The Jochen Leën brand has gained international acclaim and is now instantly associated with precious gems, jewellery and objets d’art such as paintings and even fossilized dinosaurs.

JL Skully_0292

Granada Gallery’s global mining initiative for minerals and precious stones focuses its efforts on the excavation of colored stones. Aquamarine, morganite and tourmaline are mined in Brazil and Mozambique, the latter also producing the highly sought-after Paraíba tourmaline that is used in this unique artwork.

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Jochen Leën & Granada Gallery merged into a joint-venture, blending geological relevance with contemporary design objects and modern art with the breathtaking memory of evolution. Together they are expanding on their shared vision of creating a worldwide service for bespoke jewellery and art using the very best gemstones and geological treasures on the market.

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Granada gallery
A passion for science and the drive to promote research has always been the foundation of Granada Gallery. Carefully selecting the most valuable natural treasures from mother nature, they created a collection that provides the appropriate framework for worldwide one-of-a-kind objects that bridge the gap between geological relevance and contemporary design. From the areas of gemstones, fossils, sculpture work, jewellery and interior decor, these rarities stand out amongst the rest.

One of Granada Gallery’s trademarks is the large number of fossil quarries and dinosaur dig sites within its network, giving direct access to some of the world’s most recognized fossil excavation sites. The preparation of all fossils and dinosaurs is done in labs by highly trained specialists and palaeontologists working side-by-side to research and restore these precious forms of prehistoric life.

All mining efforts are conducted under the principle of sustainability and ecological responsibility. Granada Gallery works closely with partners to ensure safe and responsible working conditions and do whatever is necessary to maintain the natural balance of the environment.

Art Piece
Holding a 65.17 carat Paraíba Tourmaline in a white gold setting, the €4.700.000,-Skully Rehoboam bottle created by Jochen Leën is the most precious bottle of gin in the world.

3.885.000,- € (VAT excl.)


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