Ruben Pamies, working under the artist name Kpavio, is a Catalan artist who covers skulls with parts of long dead watches. Reus (Spain) is an important cradle of illustrious characters. In this environment of artists and creators Kpavio began developing his art.
A near-death experience took place at an early age, which led him to examining existential matters, strongly questioning the values of time and life, having been so close to death.

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A skull; that is the bond of union between Kpavio’s collection, a set of artistic artworks that are born from his creativity, using the symbolic richness of the skull fused with watch parts to make us reflect on the inexorable passage of time, reminding us that we are insignificant beings that live on a tiny planet, in a small solar system, in an infinite universe.


Kpavio professionally grants a second life to parts of dead watches that represent the passage of life, and keeps on imagining, creating and searching for an answer to the question that intrigues him since long time ago: What is the value of time and life?

How it all started
There was a time and a place in which drinking alcohol was illegal, a rogue era in which occasionally death suddenly appeared, associated to trafficking and consumption of liquors. Nonetheless we recall that era as the “happy 20s” for the passion and happiness with which people lived it, maybe knowing that afterwards gloomy and sad years would come, that not in vain we know as “The Great Depression”.

To recall this era Kpavio has designed this artwork, so intimately related to the artist’s symbolic imaginary, composing a fantastic sculptural work resorting to the productive technique of traditional jewelry. After elaborating a first wax mould and sculpting each one of the details that are reflected on it, it was passed to the foundry to create the sculpture in silver. Then the small and spectacular skull was completely covered with watchmaking pieces alongside the base with elements related to time and death reminding us the ephemeral that life is and that when we die the only thing that is left from us is the lived time. Finally, the piece was completed with a denture performed by a dental goldsmith, this time with a material as fine as porcelain, which was thoroughly incorporated into the skull.

The result is an exclusive artwork created by Kpavio for the Skully Art Collection, limited to 12 pieces. An exceptional piece that reminds us that nothing is eternal and that time is unattainable. A unique work in tribute to those years of happiness, fun and risk, with the purpose that with every sip we hurry, we remember how ephemeral happiness can become. Therefore we enjoy every moment more, knowing that life is that great adventure that we all have the possibility to enjoy and that it is up to us to achieve it.

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The Art Piece
The stopper of the Skully bottle has been extended by a silver skull sculpture with porcelain teeth. True to the style of Kpavio, the skull is decorated with watch parts. The entire bottle is cloaked in leather giving it a rough pirate style look. Being obsessed with time, Kpavio created 12 pieces: one for each hour on the clock.

19.995,- € (VAT excl.)


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